Evil Rangers 1993-2014Edit

Color Name Picture
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (1) Tommy Oliver 2 Mmpr-rg-tommy1
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (2) Tom Oliver Mmpr-rg-tom2
Kinght Wolf Koragg Prmf-rg-koragg
Kinght Wolf (2) Koragg 200px?
Kinght Wolf (2) Bowen Prmf-rg-bowen2
Green Spirit Ranger Elephant Spirit Ranger Prjf-rg-elephant2
Black Spirit Ranger Bat Spirit Ranger Prjf-rg-bat4
Blue Spirit Ranger Shark Spirit Ranger Prjf-rg-shark4
Green Spirit Ranger Masters Phant Prjf-rg-phant4
Black Spirit Ranger Masters Swoop Prjf-rg-swoop4
Blue Spirit Ranger Masters Finn Prjf-rg-finn4
Green Cameleon Ranger Camille Prjf-rg-camille
Black Lion Ranger  (1) Dai Shi Prjf-rg-dai shi
Black Lion Ranger (2) Jarrod Prjf-rg-jarrod

Unique Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Picture
Psycho Red Red Psycho Ranger Pris-rg red psycho
Psycho Yellow Yellow Psycho Ranger Pris-rg yellow psycho
Psycho Blue Blue Psycho Ranger Pris-rg blue psycho
Psycho Pink Pink Psycho Ranger Pris-rg pink psycho
Psycho Black Black Psycho Ranger Pris-rg black psycho
Psycho Silver Silver Psycho Ranger Pris-rg silver psycho
A-Squad Red Ranger Charlie Prspd-rg-charlie-asquad
A-Squad Blue Ranger Beevor Prspd-rg-beevor-asquad
A-Sqaud Green Ranger Cliff Prspd-rg-cliff-asquad
A-Squad Yellow Ranger Ivan Prspd-rg-ivan-asquad
A-Squad Pink Ranger Rachel Prspd-rg-rachel-asquad

Unique Evil Rangers 2Edit

Color Name Picture
Zen-Aku Zen-Aku Prwf-rg-zen-aku
Zen-Aku Zen-Aku Prwf-rg-zen-aku2
White Dino Ranger (clone) White Dino Ranger(clone) Prdt-rg-evil white dino ranger
Nighlok Form Deker Prs-rg-deker2
Nighlok Form Deker-Nighlok Form Prs-rg-deker-nighlok form2

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