Black Aquitar Ranger

Name: Corcus
Gender: Male
Season: Mighty Morphin
Colors: Black
Ranger Form: Black Aquitar ranger
Actor: Alan Palmer

Black Aquitar Ranger

Morphin! Call: "It's Morphin Time!

Morphin! Call: "Black Aquitar Ranger Power!"

Name: Corcus
Ranger Designation: Black Aquitar Ranger
Weapons: sword, blaster
Gear: black battle borg coin
Zords: Black Battle Borg
Zords: Black Shogun Zord
Black Aquitian Ranger Form

Black Aquitian Ranger Form


Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus Mmpr-rg-corcus "Black Aquitar Ranger Power!"

Corcus Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus Black Aquitian Ranger Form Mmar-black

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