Conner McKnight

Conner McKnight
Red Dino Ranger

Conner McKnight

Conner McKnight
Triassic Ranger

Name: Conner McKnight
Gender: Male
Season: Dino Thunder
Colors: Red
Ranger Form: Red Dino Ranger, Triassic Ranger
Actor: James Napier

Conner McKnight Red Dino Ranger


Conner McKnight Triassic Ranger

Morphin! Call: Dino Thunder, Power Up! Ha!

Morphin! Call: Tyranno of Power! Red Ranger!

Morphin! Call: Triassic of Power! Triassic Ranger!

Morphin! Call: Super Dino Mode!

Morphin! Call: Triassic Thunder!, Power Up!
Name: Conner McKnight
Range Designation: Red Dino Ranger
Range Designation: Triassic Dino Ranger
Weapons: thundermax sabers, tyrnno staff, shield of triumph
Gear: dino morpher, triassic morpher, raptor rider, raptor cyle
Zords: Tyranozord
Zords: Mezodon Rover
Zords: Cephalazord
Zords: Demetrozord
Zords: Parasaurzord
Zords: Ankylozord
Red Dino Ranger Form

Conner McKnight
Red Dino Ranger Form

Triassic Dino Ranger Form

Conner McKnight
Triassic Ranger Form

Conner McKnightEdit

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnigh Prdt-rg-conner "Tyranno of Power! Red Ranger!"
Triassic Ranger Conner McKnigh Prdt-rg-conner2 "Triassic of Power! Triassic Ranger!"

Conner McKnigh Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnigh Red Dino Ranger Form Prdt-red
Triassic Ranger Conner McKnigh Triassic Dino Ranger Form Prdt-triassic

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