Cole He is The Blue Sea ChargeRanger of The Group 19 years old and the oldest he is also a strong type and his quote is muscle strength 


He and His Brother Kyle Went To go camping one day until a giant bear was trying to attack his brother he tries to fight off the bear until he falls off a cliff bonding with the blue sea gem he found giving him the spirit of a  

Starfish and becomes the blue zuziger charge ranger  he is very good friends with Zeke but he likes too eat brongo burgers and is a dig worker and dish washer at the Robloxias Fun Museum he met wise old master zorin and phill when he figured he got a job at the museum he always likes to wear ripped jeans he has unmorphed fights and uses his muscle strength to lift up the zorknots he is also a weightlifting gymnastic  he eats a lot but still he dosent get fat hes not very smart sometimes he forgets but he is still confident and brave Cole can be be grumpy sometimes when losing battles

Roll Call

Star Fish Power Ranger Blue!


Cole Has , Auburn Winner , Shiny Teeth , Nike Shirt, Ripped Jeans With Nerd Glasses , With Superhero Package arms and with a robloxian2.0 torso

See Roblox Items


When He Morphs His Arms Change into Robloxian 2.0 instead of superhero arms but he still has his robloxian 2.0 torso and  2.0 legs

He is likes to eat burgers and fries


He is Played By FallanTacoz

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