So it's Christmas time and the rangers are celebrating Koda & Ivan don't understand Christmas. So they ask the others to tell them and so Keeper starts telling them what he knows and the other rangers tell the story a Christmas Carol. Then later on Koda goes to sleep and the other rangers head home. Only later on that night Heckyl woke up with an idea. The rangers love this holiday known as Christmas. maybe I can use it to my advantage. the rangers love a man named Santa Claus maybe I could have a monster look like him and get close to the rangers. Then take their energems. That's what I'll do. So Heckyl made his evil Santa Claus monster give him the ability to freeze people where they are. So now the rangers going to sleep get a call from Kendall. Saying Heckyl new monster is going to be a hard one to destroy looking like dear old Santa Claus. What should we do Kendall? Asked Ivan. I don't know Said Kendall. I'll meet you at the base rangers. I going to make a change to turn him into the monster he is. And then Tyler, Chase, Shelby, Ivan, Koda and Riley. Morphered into Action right away. Later soon came Kendall with the Dino Charge Ready to turn that fake Santa Claus into the monster he is. And now it should be easy to destroy him once and for all. No more fake Santa Claus.

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