Casey Rhodes2

Casey Rhodes Jungle Fury Red Ranger, Jungle Master Red Ranger, Red Strike Ranger

Name: Casey Rhodes
Gender: Male
Colors: Red
Ranger Forms: Jungle Fury Red Ranger
Jungle Master Red Ranger
Red Strike Ranger

Ranger formsEdit

Morphin CallsEdit

  • "Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!" (normal morph)
    • "With the strength of a Tiger! Jungle Fury Red Ranger!"
  • "Jungle Master Mode!" (mode change morph)
    • "Spirit of the Tiger, full fury! Jungle Master Red Ranger!"
  • "Red Strike Armor, Power Up!" (mode change morph)



Alternate modesEdit

  • Jungle Master Mode
  • Red Strike Ranger (battlizer)



  • Strike Rider


  • Tiger Spirit Zord (main zord)
  • Gorilla Spirit Zord (aux zord)

Casey Rhodes Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Red Jungle Ranger Form Prjf-red
Jungle Master Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Red Jungle Ranger Master Mode Prjf-rg-red-master
Red Strike Ranger Casey Rhodes ? Prjf-strikeriderred


  • Casey doesn't use his Solar Morpher to morph, instead he uses the Battle Claws to morph.

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