Brendan is The Sea Charge Red Ranger He is a 19 year old who is on a mission to find his lost dad and he holds zury he is responsible for his disappearance Brendan Goes on a Quest in a Cave were he finds things then mysteriously he bumps into the red zuger gem he picked out of the wall and them bump into Susan he and Susan bonded with there sea gems giving him the spirit of the

Crab Making Him The Red Ranger He Went With Susan And Gwen to go to the robloxias Dino museum to find the base until they bump into wise grand master Zorn Then he and the team mates went to fight off iccin and the zorknots and now he works at the robloxias beach cafe with Zeke , Kole, Gwen and Susan

Roll Call

Crab Power Ranger Red


He is Similar To Jason


Brendan Wears , Red Plaid Shirt Skeptic Face, Blue Jeans Auburn Shaggy Hair and Robloxian 2.0 Body


He is Played By


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