Blue Rangers 1993-2009Edit

Color Name Picture
Blue  Ranger  Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy
Blue Ninja Ranger Billy Cranston Mmpr-rg-billy-blue ninja ranger
Blue Alien Ranger Cestro Mmpr-rg-cestro
Blue Zeo Ranger  Rocky DeSantos Prz-rg-rocky
Blue Turbo Ranger  Justin Stwart Prt-rg-justin
Blue Space T.J. Johnson Pris-rg-tj
Blue Galaxy Kai Chen Prlg-rg-kai
Blue Lightspeed Chad Lee Prlr-rg-chad
Blue Time Force  Lucas Kendall Prtf-rg-lucas
Blue Wild Force Max Cooper Prwf-rg-max
Blue Wind Tori Hanson Prns-rg-tori
Blue Dino Ethan James Prdt-rg-ethan
Blue SPD Sky Tate Prspd-rg-sky
Blue Msytic  Madison Rocca Prmf-rg-madison
Blue Operation Dax Lo Proo-rg-dax
Blue Jungle Theo Martin Prjf-rg-theo
Blue RPM Flynn McAllistair Prrpm-rg-flynn

Blue Rangers 2011-2015Edit

Color Name Picture
Blue Samurai Kevin 3 prs-rg-kevin
Blue Megaforce Noah Carver Prm-rg-noah
Blue Super Megaforce Noah Carver Prsm-rg-noah2
Dino Charge Blue Koda Prdc-rg-koda

Secondary Blue RangersEdit

Color Name Picture
Blue Navy Thunder Blake Bradley Prns-rg-blake
Blue Ranger II  Master Finn Prjf-rg-finn4
Blue Spirit Shark Spirit Ranger Prjf-rg-shark4
Blue Senturion Blue Senturion  Prt-rg-blue senturion2
Blue Senturion 2 Blue Senturion 2 Prt-rg-blue senturion3

Evil Blue RangersEdit

Color Name Picture
Blue Psycho Blue Psycho Pris-rg blue psycho
Blue A-Squad Beevor Prspd-rg-beevor-asquad

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