Black Rangers 1993-2009Edit

Color Name Picture
Black I Zack Taylor Mmpr-rg-zack
Black II Adam Park  Mmpr-rg-adam
Black Ninja Ranger Adam Park Mmpr-rg-adam-black ninja ranger
Black Alien  Corcus Mmpr-rg-corcus
Black Phantom Phantom Ranger Pr-rg-phantom2
Black Phantom II Phantom Ranger II Prt-rg-phantom2
Black Phantom III Phantom Ranger III Pr-rg-phantom3
Black Space Carlos Vallerte Pris-rg-carlos
Black Wild Force Danny Delgado Prwf-rg-danny
Black Dino Tommy Oliver Prdt-rg-tommy
Black Operation Will Aston Proo-rg-will
Black RPM Dillon Prrpm-rg-dillon

Black Rangers 2011-2015Edit

​Color Name Picture
Black Megaforce  Jake Holling Prm-rg-jake
Dino Charge Black Chase Randall Prdc-rg-chase

Secondary Black RangersEdit

​Color Name Picture
Black Ranger II Masters Swoop  Prjf-rg-swoop4
Black Spirit  Black Spirit Ranger Prjf-rg-bat4
Black Shadow Anubus "Doggie" Cruger Prspd-rg-doggie

Heroes with Debatable Ranger StatusEdit

​Color Name Picture​
Black/Gold' Trey of Triforia Prz-rg-trey3
Black/Gold Jason Lee Scott Prz-rg-jason
Black Magna Defender Magna Defender Prlg-rg-magna defender3
Black Magna Defender II Mike Corbett Prlg-rg-mike
Black Lion II Jarrod Prjf-rg-jarrod

Evil Black RangersEdit

​Color Name Picture
Black Psycho Black Psycho  Pris-rg black psycho
Black Lion  Dai Shi Prjf-rg-dai shi
Black Lion II Jarrod Prjf-rg-jarrod

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