Heroes (Big Bad Beetleborgs)Edit

Color Name Played by Picture
Red Striker Borg Jo Mccomick Brittany Konarzewski Bb-hr-jo
Blue Stinger borg Drew Mccomick Wesley Barker Bb-hr-drew
Green Hunger Borg Roland Willams Herbie Baez Bb-hr-roland
White  Blasters Borg Josh Baldwin Warren Berkow Bb-hr-josh
Shadowborg Shadowborg Bob Papenbrook Bb-vi-shadowborg

Heroes  II (Beetleborg Metallix)Edit

Color Name Played by Picture
Platinum Purple Borg Jo Mccomick Brittany Konarzewski Bbmetallix-hr-jo
Chromium Gold Borg Drew  Mccomick Wesley Barker Bbmetallix-hr-drew
Titanium Silver Borg Roland Willams Herbie Baez Bbmetallix-hr-roland


Color Name Played by Picture
Blue Dragonborg Dragonborg Doug Stone Bbmetallix-hr-dragonborg
Red Fireborg Fireborg Gene Holliday Bbmetallix-hr-fireborg
Orange Lightningborg Lightningborg Richard Epcar Bbmetallix-hr-lightningborg
Yellow Ladyborg Ladyborg Barbara Goodson Bbmetallix-hr-ladyborg

Big Bad Beetleborgs Edit

Bb-hr-jo Bb-hr-drew Bb-hr-roland
Bb-hr-josh Bb-vi-shadowborg

Beetleborgs Metallix Edit

Bbmetallix-hr-jo Bbmetallix-hr-drew Bbmetallix-hr-roland


Bbmetallix-hr-dragonborg Bbmetallix-hr-fireborg
Bbmetallix-hr-lightningborg Bbmetallix-hr-ladyborg

Big Bad Beetleborgs & Beetleborgs Metallix FormEdit

Asrolborg FomEdit

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