Red Space Ranger

Name: Andros
Gender: Male
Season: In Space
Colors: Red
Ranger Form: Red Space Ranger
Actor: Christopher Khayman Lee

Red Space Ranger

Morphin! Call: "Let's Rocket! "335"

Morphin! Call: Power Red!

Name: Andros
Ranger Designation: Red Space Ranger
Weapons: spiral sabar, astro blaster
Gear: astro morpher, battlizer armor, red galaxy glider
Zords: Astro Megazord
Zords: Delta Megazord
Zords: Mega V1
Red Space Ranger Form

Red Space Ranger Form


Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Red Space Ranger Andros Pris-rg-andros "Power Red!"

Andros Ranger Costume FormEdit

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Red Space Ranger Andros Red Space Ranger Form Pris-red

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